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Compressed air dryer cd10​

New compressed air dryer designed for small amounts of plastic pellets.

The new dryer CD10 is available with drying hoppers from 1 to 15 litres all made in stainless steel. Drying unit and hopper can be mounted separate on small moulding machines and special adapters can be made on demand. CD10 is equipped with 2 self regenerating molecular sieve beds which provide a continuously low dew point at -40˚ C or even lower. The lid in the hopper is standard prepared for mounting a compressed air conveyer.

CD10/MB10 - Air stream in hopper can be adjusted from 5 to 13 m3/h depending on amount of material to be dried which saves energy (see table below).

An electronically thermostat controls drying temperature and the display is showing set temperature as well as actual temperature. The CD10 is calibrated to operate at temperatures up to 180˚ C.​

  • Heating power: 800W, 230V
  • Dry air volume flow: 13 m3/h max.
  • Drying temperature: 180˚ C max.
  • Air connection: 6 bar min.
  • Power connection: 230V+G, 50Hz
  • Power consumption: 830W
  • Size LxWxH: 39x35x48 cm
  • Weight CD10/MB10: 21 kg​


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