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Desiccant dryer md35/50​

The desiccant dryer is a mobile dryer with material bin and build in closed loop loader mounted on a trolley. The MD-system can easily be moved from machine to machine ant the enclosed material receiver (cyclone) shall be mounted on the machine inlet.

The dual bed system automatically allows contiuously drying by switching to dry cartridge on timer controlled cycles. Shift between beds in done by a four way valve and the MD-dryer will provide consistens low dewpoint air regardless of ambient conditions. dewpoint down to -40˚C. The closed-loop, cool down cycle increases the adsorption of the desiccant by cooling without introducing moisture-laden air.

A PID-thermostat and solid state control maintain precise preset drying conditions within adjustable temperature range of 40 to 150˚C. Higher temperature (up to 180˚C) capability with optional hopper mounted booster heater.

Material bins available from 5 litre to 400 litre. Also with 2 or more mounted on a stand or trolley.​

Characteristic for MD-serie.

  • Alarm for missing compressed air.
  • Alarm for wrong rotation of blower.
  • Alarm for process air over temperature.
  • Reg. temperature controlled by snap disk thermostat.
  • Control box indicates the function conditions.
  • CEE-norm.​


  • Dewpointcontrol of process air.
  • Weekly scheduled timer.
  • Separate heating and control for 2 or more material bins.​

Technical data:​


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